Israel Figa Says Some Industries Are Seeing Unexpected Situations due to the Coronavirus

Some businesses have been reacting to the coronavirus situation in a manner you would not have expected. When supply or demand of a certain sector goes down, you expect certain patterns. However, during this pandemic, a few things have happened in a very unconventional manner. Dr. Israel Figa has talked about the twisted impact of […]


A person who invests time in physical activities can enjoy quality sleep, higher self-esteem, and overall vitality. Studies confirm that physical exercises help in reducing depression and anxiety levels. Staying fit and healthy will also positively influence your mental and emotional health. To achieve fitness and a stunning figure, you must follow a strict diet […]

Why Recalling Vehicles Are Imported From Tesla In China

Tesla, Inc. is one of the former Tesla Motors companies that are designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling fully electric vehicles. These energy storage systems are as well as installing, operating, and maintaining solar and energy storage products. This company is operating through two segments such as automotive and energy generation. The Automotive segment is covering […]