Glo The Online Yoga Experience That Stretches The Imagination

Would you like to become physically stronger or more fit? Well I have the ideal plan for you. Glo. Glo is an online yoga app of Yoga and Pilates that can be used anytime, anywhere, on any device. I know what you are thinking….Yoga? Pilates? How can these disciplines help me with my fitness routine? Yoga is breathing, mediation and maintaining poses. Pilates is movement used with equipment. Both help you mentally, physically, and emotionally. With Glo adapting these activities into your daily life is simple and easy. Classes are offered from registered instructors like myself who will show you how Yoga and Pilates can work for you. We create experiences that challenge you with interactive courses and lectures.

What We Are About And Our Classes

At Glo we want to help you, make yourself a better person with no fear. Find your passion. Understand your feelings. Learn from others, while growing as a person. Our mission is to bring people together, to understand our differences, showing how much we are alike. We strive to inspire your heart, enlighten your mind.

You can practice your online yoga training anytime. After logging in, you will be asked questions to personalize your practice. All of us are professional teachers with specialties and modes of teaching you can tap into. The more we know what you want, the better we can craft your experience to fit your needs, allowing you to get the most out of your subscription. Take a break from the classes or cancel at any time. I know you will not want to cancel though. You will soon realize this is the right choice for you.

Let me explain by telling you about a few of our classes. The teacher-guided Hatha course is what you think of with Yoga. It is holding a series of poses for a period of time. In this way you are challenging, inspiring yourself, saying ‘you can do it’ in your brain. Being completely still you will start to sweat. Muscles will be used in an attempt to stay in the same position, becoming stronger. Doesn’t this sound like the gym? You sweat, use muscles and get help from a fitness instructor. Unlike the gym, the experience is better. There are no outside noises from treadmills, or bikes. You get in-tune with your inner thoughts. We teach you how to breathe slowly, use hand gestures, to assist you in maintaining the pose. This will naturally cause you to relax, becoming calm. The workout can be just as intense as in the gym; in your calm, relaxed state you can gently tell your body to do more. For the more limber person, the course Arm Balances + Inversions will be the place to start. You will safely be shown how to balance yourself on your arms creating muscle tone and strength. Practicing inversions, which means your heart is higher off the ground than your head, will give you confidence, while increasing your immune system. We will show you how one pose flows into the next one. There is a course suitable for everyone. The Women’s Moon Circle will illustrate how the different phases of the moon are connected to the various cycles a woman goes through in her lifetime. Also taught are writing down your thoughts, chanting, and mediating to align one’s natural rhythm to become a better person. For the Pilates enthusiast who wants more of a gym-like machine feel, these courses are available to select as well.

The Solution You Are Looking For

By Glo being an yoga online program, it the perfect choice to fit into your lifestyle. You can: connect to accounts like Facebook, download classes available for 30 days, and get access to a community of like-minded individuals like yourself. There is a library for reviewing programs later. Whether you can spare 10-minutes or 60, we will work with you. All of our courses will give you the results you desire without the wear and tear on the body of a gym workout. You will quickly become addicted to Glo online yoga. Start your 15-day Free Trial today.

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